Terms & Conditions


The following terms and conditions regulate contractual relations between UNITED CORP. THE SUPPORTING COMPANY S.L. (the company owner of the trademark THE RIDE IBIZA) and the customer (the renter), by virtue of which the car rental company allows the use of a vehicle to the renter for a rental period, also prices and other conditions which appear in the rental contract.


      1. The renter receives the vehicle described in the rental contract in proper working conditions and without any defects, with full documentation, as well as a set of keys, tools and accessories, specially important is the reflective jacket and the emergency warning triangles, which the renter should check at the beginning of the rental and notify if there is any fault, at the rental office. The renter should also verify that the child seats are correctly fixed. The car rental company does not assume any responsibility if the renter does not verify these aspects which are exclusive responsibility of the renter. All agreements must be always kept by the renter during the rental period.



    1. The car rental company will keep the booking up to sixty minutes after the time agreed, not having obligation to provide a rental service by agreed conditions after passed that deadline. If the booked vehicle is not collected at all or is not collected by the time agreed, the car rental company will withold all the amount of rental charge already paid.
    2. In case of full pre-paid booking, following cancellation fees will be applied by the rental car company:
      1. 30% of total amount of booking for cancellations made with a minimum of 30 days notice
      2. 50% of total amount of booking for cancellations made between 16 and 29 days notice
      3. 70% of total amount of booking for cancellations made between 15 and 7 days notice
      4. 100% of total amount of booking for cancellations made with a less than 6 days notice
    3. In case of partial pre-paid booking (30% pre-payment), following cancellation fees will be applied by the rental car company:
      1. 100% of total partial payment amount of booking for cancellations made anytime
    4. The cancellation can be made online (www.theride.es) or in a written form, addressed to THE RIDE IBIZA, Carretera Sa Caleta, 07817 Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza, E-mail: info@theride.es.

    1. During the delivery of the vehicle, the renter must bring the driving licence valid for the vehicle and the country where the rental takes place. In case of pre-paid rate booking, the renter must present means of payment used while making the booking. If the renter does not present the documentation mentioned above, the car rental company will end the rental contract without any compensation for the renter. The vehicle can be driven only by the renter, or his relatives or employees which are authorized by the renter, just as those persons specified in the rental contract. It will be only responsability of the renter that any driver is in the possession of a driving licence valid for the vehicle and in the country where the rental takes place. As the car rental company requieres, the renter should list all his authorized persons for driving the vehicle, specifying by written form their names, surnames and addresses. This list will be used specially in case, the authorities requiere the rental car company to identify the driver who has committed an infringement.
    2. The vehicle can be used only on public paths and roads. It is strongly prohibited:
      1. To participate with the vehicle in racings, competitions or challenges of any type
      2. Use the vehicle for driving practice
      3. Use the vehicle for testing
      4. Transport of passengers or goods in return for any economic benefits
      5. Sublet the vehicle;
      6. Committ any criminal offence with the vehicle, even if the mentioned offense is considered as criminal offence only at the place where it has been committed.
      7. Drive the vehicle at the physical disadvantage, caused by alcohol, drugs, tiredness or illness
      8. Use the vehicle for pushing or towing other vehicles
      9. Use the vehicle in situations of risk, specialy when the alarm pilot lights on the dashboard
      10. Carry toxic substances, inflammable of any kind of dangerous products in the vehicle
      11. Operate the odometer of the vehicle, the renter must inform any of its defects immediately to the car rental company
    3. It is expressly prohibited to remove the vehicle from the island of Ibiza, to make any trips with the vehicle to the mainland and vice-versa and/or between islands, unless there is an express authorization from the car rental company.
    4. The renter is personally and jointly liable for the persons who drive the vehicle during the rental period.
    5. Without prejudice of the renter´s liability to third parties, if any of the circunstances in the sections 1. – 3. concures, the car rental company can cancel immediately the rental contract and claim any compensation of the damages, inclusive loss of profits, which the breach of contract caused.

    1. Rental charges are indicated in the rental contract. The minimum rental charge will be the rental for a period of 24 hours, unless there is any discount or special price agreed.
    2. The car rental company has the possibility of modifying any charge or discount, which were caused by obvious mistake or wrong information provided by the renter.
    3. As for supplements or extra fees, mileage, child seats, telephone, navegation systems, chains, airport fees, etc., there will be charged according to valid tariffs at the moment of the booking. If there is no booking in advance, valid tariffs at the moment of the pick up of the vehicle by the renter will be applied.

    1. The rental price as well as any booked extra charges, e.g.reduced liability surcharge, delivery fees, airport fees, etc., and taxes become due and payable at the beginning of rental. In case the rental period exceeds 28 days, the due dates will be applied in periods of 28 days, always at the beginning of each rental period.
    2. In case of pre-paid rates reservations, rental price as well as any other charges agreed will be payable at the moment of booking and will be charged to the credit card, which the renter provides at booking.
    3. In addition, at the beginning of the rental period, the renter will pay a deposit corresponding to required booked vehicle in accordance with tariffs of that vehicle, plus agreed extra charges, as for example reduce liability surcharge, delivery fees, airport fees, etc., and taxes. The rental contract will be not valid (even there is a prior booking confirmed), if there are insufficient funds by renter on his credit card to withhold corresponding deposit for chosen vehicle; in those case no refund will be proceed.
    4. The deposit mentioned above will be used as a guarantee in case of any obligations or responsabilities of the renter towards the car rental company. The car rental company will be authorized to use this deposit to pay any of the mentioned responsabilities, without prejudicy of the possible reclamation of those which exceed the deposit amount.
    5. Unless there is any other agreement, the rental price, the deposit and other agreed charges will be charged to the credit card that the renter provides.
    6. Extra fees, charges and other obvious payments at the end of the contract will be charged to the same credit card. The renter has the right to requiere the detailed breakdown of the invoiced charges and contest any of them within the period of 30 days from the receipt of the invoice.
    7. In case there is any invoice payment agreed, invoice will be payable in 7 days from its issue. The car rental company has the right to charge by direct debit to the renter´s account.
    8. The renter will incur in arrears the next day after the expiry date of the corresponding payment obligation; without any other requirements. In case of outstanding payments, the car rental company has the right to claim the extra charge quoted on a legal interest basis, increasing by 3 points.

    1. In the event of an accident, theft, fire, damages produced by nature and in any supposition of damage, the renter must protect the interests of the car rental company. Especially, he must inform immediately the police in case of commission of offence, if there are any injured or if it is necessary to investigate the guilt of involved persons.
    2. In the event of an accident, the renter must complete no-fault declaration form, which is found together with the documents of the vehicle. The renter is obligated to inform the car rental company about the accident within 24 hours, and bring them the original copy of the no-fault declaration form within 2 days. If the other part refuses to underwrite the no-fault declaration form, the renter must ask for a police assistance.
    3. Furthermore, in any supposition of the damage of the vehicle, the renter is obligated to write and deliver to the car rental company a document describing the damage.
    4. Accident declaration forms and/or damage descriptive documents mentioned above will be fully completed with the maximum details related to the damages as well as to circumstances which caused them.

    1. The rental car company wil have no responsability for damages or theft of the objects inside the vehicle.
    2. The responsability of the car rental company is extended to damages caused by his employees and the other persons for whom must be liable by law,in supposition of intention or serious negligence, unless the rental car company proves ¨prudent –person¨ principles applied to avoid damages. In case of contractual default, only consequential foreseeable and reasonable damages (no mere expectations) will be applied for damage compansation.
    3. The damage of the vehicle does not involve automatically the obligation of the car rental company to replace the vehicle with another one.

    1. The renter recieves the vehicle in proper working and car sheet conditions, without defects, unless there are damage comments carried out at the pick up of the vehicle. The renter must return the vehicle in the same conditions. The renter is liable towards to the car rental company for any damage or theft of the vehicle and for damages caused by contractual default, unless there is a reduced liability contracted by the renter,and in addition anything which results from current legal provisions in case it is not regulated in these terms.
    2. The renter and his collaborators have full responsability in case of the infringement of any regulatory provisions, which committed during the validity of the contract, specially in case of traffic offences.The renter will maintain the car rental company harmless as for penalties, fines, fees, extra charges and in general any kind of charge imposed by the authorities.
      The cost of 20€ per consultation will be charged as a compensation of administration works, which the car rental company must asume in order to clarify the authors or other circumstances of any offence or crime. However, the car rental company has the right to claim higher expenses, if it is fully proven that there is higher costs.
    3. There will be no damage covered contracting limited responsability in case of any damage caused inside the vehicle, damages caused by incorrect refulling, any engine damage; neither glass and mirror damages, vehicle´s tires, neither any damage to the under body-work or damage roof as well as the charge of losing the key of the vehicle.
    4. The regulations of the present article are aplicable also to all authorized drivers. The limited responsability will be not applied to no authorized drivers.
    5. The renter is responsible for repair costs and accessories, which will be quoted according to the price list of spare parts established by THE RIDE or another independent surveyor. This amount will be directly billed to the renter who can ask for a copy of the expertese. If repair costs can not be quoted this way, the repair workshop budget will be applied.
      In case of salvage of the vehicle, value of the vehicle at the moment of the event will be as the amount of final indemnization to the car rental company. Apart from this amount, the car rental company has the right to reclaim loss of profits in case there is no possibility of using the damaged vehicle.

    1. The rental contract has a duration previously agreed in the contract. The renter must return the vehicle before the expiry of the term of hire to the agreed location, unless there is a written request of a continuation of the hire 3 days beforehand. The rental company has a right to allow that request or not. The original agreement conditions will be applied also in case of replacing the vehicle and rentals longer than 28 days.
    2. The renter must return the vehicle together with keys, documentation and accessories of the vehicle to the agreed location and before the expiry of the term of hire.
    3. In case of any delay by returning the vehicle, additional charges valid in time of return will be applied.
    4. It is the full responsibility of the renter to ensure efective return of the vehicle to the rental car company at the agreed location.
    5. he renter will return the vehicle, keys, documentation and accessories in the same condition as it was provided at the start of the rental. In case of any deficiency of any of the accessories, the owner will charge to the renter the following amounts:
      20€ – no reflective jackets
      75€ (administration fee ) + key duplicate costs – no key
      15€ – no emergency warning triangles
      800€ – lost CD/ GPS navigation card
      The valid VAT will be added to those amounts
      The car rental company has the right to claim additional cleaning costs if the car is exceptionally dirty.

    1. The contracting parties will have the right to cancel the contract in case there is any legal cause for it. The car rental company is entitled to cancel the contract immediately in case the renter fails to pay any amount in more than 7 days from the expire date or other fair cause concures. Fair cause is considered:
      • Returned bills, cheques, promissory notes, credit card charges, unless the payment is proceed by renter within 7 days.
      • In case the renter uses the vehicle in no proper way, causes damages to the vehicle intentionally or negligently, as well as lack of maintance or revisions of the vehicle which was obligated to.
      • Infringement of the regulations aplicables in terms of commercial transport.
      • Breaking any of the bans mentioned in article C.1, C.2, and C.3.
      • And in generally, when continuation of contractual relation is not required (regard to the circumstances), for instance in case of higher number of damages.
    2. In case of cancellation of the contract, the renter will be obligated to return immediately the vehicle, set of keys, documentation of the vehicle and the accessories. In any case, the car rental company will be entitled to remove the vehicle wherever it is, when cancelling the contract.
    3. In case of cancellation of the contract, car rental company will be authorized to require a compensation of caused damages, which includes not only consequential damage (including towing service costs, serveys costs, legal costs, etc.) but also lost profit indemnization for not having available the damaged vehicle.

    1. By contracting with car rental company and comunicating renter´s credit card details at the time of contracting or at a later date, renter authorizes to car rental company to may charge to credit card mentioned above, the amount of rental charge, deposit and any other costs and responsibilities mentioned in these conditions, which become due in conection with rental agreement.

    1. Personal information provided by the renter is confidential. The renter authorizes its storage in a file property of THE RIDE IBIZA, who will have the obligation to its secrecy. By personal information stored is refered:
      • Name and surname, post and email address, landline telephone number, mobile telephone number, fax number,day of birth, VAT number, driving licence details, client´s number;
      • outstanding payments data.

      No subjective or relative valuations of renter´s financial circumstances will be stored.
      Those dates processing is only used for maintance and implementation of normal business procedures and providing the services related with car rental company´s activity.

    2. The renter has the rights to access, delete, update his personal information as well as to object to the use of that information for marketing purposes, transfering or any other use by sending a request to THE RIDE IBIZA, Carretera Aeropuerto km 5.8, 07817 Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza.

    1. The renter has the right to recieve a copy of general present conditions in Spanish or in its English version . In case of any difference in interpretation of the Spanish and the English text of this agreement, the Spanish text will prevail.
    2. Credit compensation against the car rental company would be possible only when they are admitted by court order or arbitral award, or accepted by the car rental company.
    3. In case of more than one renter, they will be responsible jointly and severally towards the car rental company.
    4. All the rights and obligations which result from present conditions and the contract will be applied to authorized drivers.

    1. There are no agreements between renter and car rental company which are not reflected in written form in the contract or in these conditions. Any modification must be made in written with the agreement of both parts.
    2. The venue location for business companies will be Valencia to the exclusion of all others. The venue location for particular clients will be a place of performance, which is the place of collection of the vehicle.

    General rental conditions of the car rental company will be applied for the rentals of the vehicles of THE RIDE IBIZA, unless the present contract defines other conditions.
    When the booking of the vehicle of THE RIDE IBIZA is completed, the renter accepts in a binding manner the present general conditions of the rental in the version valid at the time of the booking.

    1. Conclusion of the contract

      1. Booking of the vehicle of requiered class, made by renter on internet, represents mandatory offer under the terms of article 1.262 of the Civil Law. The contract is in force in accordance with article 2.5 – with a car rental company´s confirmation by e-mail.The cardholder will be automatically registrated as a first named driver.
      2. The minimum age of 21 years is required to rent the vehicle of THE RIDE IBIZA.
      3. There are following requirements of age according output of the rented vehicle:
        • 21 years for the vehicles with an output of 120hp or less
        • 25 years + 2 years of possession of driving license for vehicles with an output of 120hp-220hp
        • 27 years + 5 years of possession of driving license for vehicles with an minimum output of 220hp
      4. The place of performance of the contract is the vehicle´s pick up place.
    2. Booking/Modifications/Cancellations

      1. The renter can make changes in his booking by telephone, in which case administration fee of 15€ will be applied. The maximum booked amount will be charged after the modification, that means, if the reserved amount after the modification is less then the original one, the original booked amount will be charged. If the price of the booking after the modification is higher, the modified amount will be billed.
        As a modification is considered: 


        • Any modification of date, time of pick up /drop off of the booked vehicle
        • Any modification of additional driver
        • Any modification of extra fees, additional insurance charges.
      2. In case the modified rental period exceeds the original agreed, valid rates at the moment of modification will be applied.
      3. Modifications of the bookings will be accepted only by telephone, calling to our hotline (+34 / 971 072 061) or by mail to info@therideibiza.com.
      4. In case the available vehicle is not collected by renter, consequential obligation according the contract will be applied. No credits obtained by assignment to third parties will be indemnified in case of no use of the vehicle.
      5. Once the booking is confirmed, the car rental company will be rightfull to charge to the renter´s credit card the full amount of estimated rental charge, a deposit corresponding to required booked vehicle, with including the extra charges booked by renter. The rental contract will be cancelled automatically in case the mentioned amounts can not be charged.
      6. The payment refund of the rental price will be proceed just in these cases: The renter cancel the contract before the agreed date of pick up the vehicle under unforseen or extraordinary circumstances and always when the renter is not involved in fault, as for instance: Natural disasters, War, Terrorism, Serious illness.
        The cancellation must be certified and in written form (e.g. medical certificate)
      7. After the confirmation of the booking, the car rental company commits to make available the vehicle to the renter at all times throughout the booked period.
      8. In case the booked vehicle is not available, the car rental company is empowered with competence to assign to the renter an alternative vehicle.
    3. Collection of the vehicle

      1. Opening hours at the different rental locations could be seen at our website.
      2. The collection and/or return of the vehicle will be possible only during opening hour from 10:00 to 21:00, with an additional charge of 50 € if performed outside these hours.
      3. As the essential condition for the contract, the renter must necessarily present the following documents when pick up the vehicle:
        • The confirmation of the booking (issued automatically when complete the reservation)
        • All the registered drivers must be in posession of the current driving licence be in force in the country where the rental takes place (driving licence valid for the vehicles with manual gears)
        • Personal identity card or passport with expiry date up to at least three months after the rental period.
        • Credit card which guarantees all cost that can eventually come out of the rental.

        Data related to drivers and means of payments will be fixed and can not be modified. The renter – person who collects the vehicle must be the holder of the credit card specified in booking. This credit card will be required to present at the reception desk of THE RIDE IBIZA at the time of collection of the vehicle. The mentioned credit card must be valid.

      4. Absence of any of the mentioned documents as well as providing incorrect information in the booking (e.g.related to expire date of driving licence, passport or personal identity card) will prevent from the delivery of the vehicle and will be considered as resultory cause of the contract, arising penalty clause in favor of the car rental company by amount of the booking. As resultory cause incurres, hirer will not be allowed to claim indemnity for no delivery of the vehicle.
      5. If renter collects the booked vehicle later then time agreed, no partial refund will be applied.
      6. Disclosure of false information or falsified production of documents or means of payments will may lead to loss of the insurance coverage, which will mean full liability for damages caused to third parties.
      7. The renter must inspect the vehicle before its use, check if the odometer, fuel deposit level are accurately noted in the contract as well as Condition Report with damages if there is any. In case of any difference, renter must immediately inform the employee of THE RIDE IBIZA.
    4. Authorized drivers

      As the necessary condition, the additional drivers must be presented at the delivery of the vehicle and must present valid driving licence permissions. The car rental company can deny the use of the vehicle of the listed drivers by justified reason. Assignment of use of the vehicle to third parties no registrated is not permited , in no cases.

    5. Price of rental

      Price of rental is fixed according to agreed tariffs at the time of rental. No possible price modifications are allowed once agreement is formed.

      1. Once renter defaults for the payment, he will be responsible for any damage resulted by that default. Without prejudice ,the car rental company will have a right to reclaim any posible compensation.
      2. Full settlement of the rental contract, it means, adittional costs which may have incured, for example, excess mileage costs, necessary refuelling costs, booked or requiered extra services at the time of pick up of the vehicle, etc. will be proceed once the vehicle is returned and milaege level as well as fuel level verified by personal staff of the car rental company. The settlement will be charged to means of payment provided by renter.
        In case of rental with “full tank option”, the corresponding payment should already has been carried out at the pick up of the vehicle at the beginning of the rental period.
    6. Return of the vehicle
      The vehicles must be necessarily returned to the pick up location. There is no possibility to return it to another location.

The renter can deny at anytime processing and use of his personal information for advertising purposes. Mentioned objection must be addressed to: THE RIDE IBIZA, Carretera del Aeroport km 5.8, 07817 Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza or info@therideibiza.com

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